Riverton Hospital has expanded its special care nursery to allow moms to stay in the same room with their babies who are too sick to go home. The result is that families can stay together.

A special care nursery takes care of infants who are sicker than the typical newborn, but not sick enough to be in a neonatal intensive care unit. Babies who need to stay a little longer due to jaundice, low oxygen levels, or antibiotic therapy have access to a 24-hour pediatrician from Primary Children’s and ongoing support for mom.

More details about the expanded unit

  • Moms can continue to take care of their babies who are in the unit, and they can get help with infant care and breastfeeding, until the baby is well enough to go home. The new rooms allow privacy for mom to bond with her new baby and we can help answer any questions the mother has about treatment.
  • The nursery can care for newborns who are 34 weeks old and older.
  • The six rooms are designed with the smallest patients in mind, even allowing twins to be cared for in the same room.
  • Families can enjoy private rooms that include a bathroom, sleeping couch, and TV.

The Special Care Nursery is located on the fourth floor of Riverton's patient tower in the Primary Children’s Unit.

Riverton Hospital is the only hospital that partners with physicians and nurses from Primary Children’s Hospital to provide inpatient and outpatient services outside of Primary’s main campus.​

Special Care Nursery at Riverton Hospital

Riverton Hospital Special Care Nursery

Open today: 24 hours
4th Floor, Our secure access unit (requires patient code) is located in the 4th floor of Patient Tower 1 on the southeast side of the hospital.