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Sanpete Valley Hospital

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Pregnant woman in a hospital room being examined by a doctor

Labor & Delivery Virtual Tour

Our goal is to provide families with a comprehensive and comfortable understanding of what to expect during the birth of their baby. In this video tour, you’ll get an inside look at our labor and delivery suites, including amenities and technology designed to make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible.


Pregnancy can be an exciting—and anxious—nine months. You may wonder, “Am I doing everything I can to prepare for this baby?”

Chances are you’re doing everything you can to keep you and your little one healthy. Although, most pregnancies and birth experiences go smoothly, if complications come up, our medical team and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) are equipped to handle even the littlest of patients.

What Sets Us Apart

Comprehensive care for women and infants, including surgical, prenatal, and postnatal support, and menopause care.

Every step of the way

Wherever you are in the journey of pregnancy, we're here for you with support and education

Amazing outcomes

We use the latest technology and best practices to ensure the health of you and your baby

Centered around you

We'll work to understand your needs, preferences and concerns. We're your trusted partner in this journey!

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