Cardiac Rehabilitation at St. George Regional Hospital aids in the recovery from a heart attack, bypass surgery, valve surgery, coronary artery stent placement, ischmic heart disease or from stable angina. Active participation in our program brings several benefits. We can help you feel better and become fit faster, reduce your stress level, and risk of future heart-related problems.

Inpatient rehabilitation often starts in less than 24 hours after undergoing some type of heart procedure. The program of care continues after discharge under the direction of an exercise physiologist who has experience working with cardiac patients.

The goal is to help you regain the highest quality of life possible through supervised exercise as well as helping you access other programs or services you might need to facilitate your recovery. St. George Regional Cardiac Rehabilitation helps you improve your quality of life.

What Physicians Say

Recent studies have shown that cardiac rehabilitation affects patient survival. Mortality rates for people attending cardiac rehab are significantly lower than those who do not attend a structured outpatient cardiac rehab program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is an exercise physiologist the best type of professional to direct cardiac rehabilitation?

A. Exercise physiologists specialize in strengthening the heart and lungs with additional training about how muscle groups function throughout the body. Physical therapists focus on the muscle groups of the entire body with some training about the heart and lungs.

Q. Wouldn't I get the same benefits from working out at a gym?

A. No. St. George's program offers medical oversight with an on-site physician, EKG and blood pressure measurements to assure the safest rehabilitation experience possible.

Q. I know insurance programs will pay for a program of visits, but after that program has ended, may I continue to work out and pay on my own?

A. Yes. Depending on your desired program we can structure a reasonably inexpensive regular maintenance program so you can continue to work out in our medically safe environment.

Q. Is diet counseling a part of cardiac rehabilitation?

A. If it is needed St. George Regional's registered dieticians are available and trained to help you with medical nutrition therapy at your request.

Patient Education

For much more information about Cardiac Rehab, check out our printable fact sheet.