Giving birth is one of the most profound and joyous experiences of your life, and at St. George Regional we work to help make it truly a special delivery. We treat every person with sensitivity and strive to provide an extraordinary experience. Our staff is dedicated to giving you the time, attention and the highest quality care possible.

Your birthing experience at St. George Regional Hospital is designed to make you feel right at home. Whether you are starting a family or adding on to one, we understand how personal having a baby is for you and your partner.

Our Outcomes

St. George Regional is focused on providing the latest, evidence-based research in our practices and care. Our team boasts outcomes of a very low primary c-section rate of 9 percent, lower than the Utah and National averages. 

Coming to the Hospital

What you should bring to the hospital:

  • Nightgown (front-opening styles are easier for breast-feeding)
  • Bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Bras (nursing style if you plan to breast-feed your baby)
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Birth announcements, writing paper, and pen
  • Camera, film, and extra batteries
  • Clothes for you and your baby to wear home. For your baby, we suggest you bring a shirt, gown, receiving blanket, and a heavier blanket (depending on the weather.) For you, clothes that fit in mid-pregnancy are usually best.
What you shouldn't bring:
  • Any personal valuables, such as, jewelry, credit cards, or cash

A Note About Early Inductions

Artificially induced deliveries have become an accepted way to make childbirth fit busy personal schedules, but at Intermountain Healthcare we've found that babies induced at 38 weeks are twice as likely to end up in the NICU and five times as likely when induced at 37 weeks. That is why at St. George Regional, labor will not be induced prior to 39 weeks gestation unless medically necessary. It's part of our commitment to provide safe and efficient care for both mother and baby.


We have two surgical suites in Labor & Delivery at St. George Regional Hospital if you are planning a cesarean delivery or for moms who are considered a "high-risk" delivery such as those delivering multiple babies. Our goal is to provide supportive care and help you experience an individualized birthing process.


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