The following clips are exercises we do at TOSH Pilates. They have been modified for you to be able to do them at home with minimal equipment. Please watch all the videos in order the first time through as some instruction will build upon prior clips. 

These exercises should be pain free. If you have an injury or are having pain, shorten up the range of motion and lighten the tension/weight. If you are still having pain, stop doing the exercises and contact your health care professional. 

The second half of the at-home pilates videos are listed below: 


Standing Hips #1 with Exercise Band

These are move advanced hip exercises requiring leg, glute, hip and core control. Remember to keep the core active (belly button slightly drawn in), and control the stretch and the return of the band.


Chin Nod for Reduced Neck Pain During Abdominal Exercises

Neck pain is very common when trying to do core exercises at the gym. It can get so uncomfortable you may notice only your neck and nothing in your abdominals. This clip will instruct you on how to position your neck during abdominal work. At first, you may only be able to do a few repetitions at a time without neck pain, but as you are able to activate and strengthen your abdominals, your neck will stay relaxed and not feel as though it has to "lift" your shoulders higher. Do not push through neck pain! Reposition or come back later and do more repetitions.


Half Roll Backs/Half Roll Ups on Mat

The half roll back is a great exercise for those who tend to get pain in their neck with abdominal exercises. Start with this exercise as you try and strengthen your abs. The half roll up will further challenge your abdominals while keeping good form. You will need to make sure and implement your chin nod (see prior clip) with this exercise.

Dixie Medical- Acceleration-380-Edit

Side Arm Series #1 with Exercise Band

While shoulder stability begins with scapular stability, it is very closely followed by rotator cuff activation and strength. This series, will help to establish good rotator cuff firing patterns. This series should remain pain free throughout! We would prefer to have lots of repetitions with very little band tension than 10 reps (as an example) of high tension. This series should be done at least 3 times a week, but no more than 4 times a week.

Exercise 1-1

Stretches/Mobility #1

Whether at the park, at work, at home, or at the gym, "Motion is Lotion!" These stretches and mobility exercises can be done in all these places. Stretching and moving is needed numerous times a day especially if you stand or sit for numerous hours a day. If you can't remember to move, set your watch for the top of each hour, and do one of these recommended stretches. You may not be able to do it all, but you can do something!