Our 55-minute classes offer a full-body workout comprised of strengthening and flexibility through all ranges of motion. Balance and coordination will be challenged within your capacity. We offer modifications for each exercise to make it possible for all members of the class to be challenged without pushing you beyond your personal limitations.

We also offer specialty endurance cross training classes for serious runners and cyclists.

Classes are limited to eight people. Each class member will workout on their own reformer so they can adjust resistance, speed, and body position individually. The reformers are state of the art, and the studio is in a private location overlooking the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.

     COVID-19 Update Regarding Our Classes

  •  At this time, in-person Pilates classes are limited to 6 participants in order to ensure proper social distancing. To meet our participants’ needs, we also added online classes (see class schedule for more information), and an ever growing number of free YouTube classes.
  • At this time, classes are combined and there are no “levels.” Specialty classes include, classes with an Arthritis focus and classes for participants who are new to Pilates.  Following the resolution of the pandemic, we will return to the following business model:

Class Options 

Level 1 

Open to new clients as well as those who wish to master the basic stabilizing principles of Pilates. These principles are essential to progressing. This is also a good class if you have any injury that may limit you physically (contact us if you are unsure). 

This class is offered for:

  • New clients who have never done reformer pilates before
  • Existing clients who are apprehensive about increasing pace or intensity of exercises
  • Any client needing modifications for multiple injuries (i.e. shoulder replaced and arthritic knee)

Level 2

Open to returning clients who have understanding of equipment use, and control of body sequencing and basic principles.

This class is offered for:

  • New clients who have previously done at least 3 months of reformer Pilates
  • Existing clients who demonstrate understand of Basic Principles and are not limited by injuries

More Information

Back Rowing

Group Classes

Bring your friends, and come join our TOSH Pilates Group Classes. 

Endurance Athlete Training

Learn more about TOSH Pilates Endurance cross training that can help prevent and treat injuries.


Rockin' Rehabilitation

This class is intended for our clients who are rehabilitating or recovering from injury.

Private Instruction

For those of you seeking more individualized training and one-on-one attention, contact us for Private Pilates sessions. 
Exercise 1-1

Pilates Class Schedule

Check here to see a list of days and times TOSH Pilates classes are offered.