Bring a friend, join our Group Pilates Class! 

Our 55-minute classes offer a full-body workout compromised of strengthening and flexibility through all ranges of motion. Balance and coordination will be challenged within your capacity. We offer modifications for each exercise to make it possible for all members of the class to be challenged without pushing you beyond your personal limitations. 

Classes are limited to eight people. Each class member will workout on their own reformer so they can adjust resistance, speed, and body position individually. The reformers are state of the art, and the studio is in a private location overlooking the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. 

Classes are divided into level one and level two

  • Level one: is a class that will introduce those new to Pilates, to the Reformer machine, the basic principles of Pilates, while building balance, flexibility and strength. 
  • Level two: is for those with at least three months of prior Pilates experience.