Learning to manage diet and exercise with everything else going on in life can be a tricky endeavor. Scheduling time with a dietitian for nutrition counseling can help you sort through potentially confusing media messages and get you on track to developing sustainable eating habits.

At TOSH, we offer individualized nutrition counseling to help people adopt healthier habits for a variety of conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and more. We also offer nutrition counseling for those undergoing rehabilitation after an injury or surgery.


General Nutrition

We have an experienced and diverse team of registered dietitians who provide individualized nutrition advice. 


Sports Nutrition

Our Sport Nutrition program is designed to teach athletes, parents, and coaches about the relationship between nutrition and sport performance.

Weigh to Health

Learn how to lose weight and improve your health with our Weigh to Health program. 

Meet Our Registered Dietitians


Ashley Hagensick, M.Ed., RD, CSSD

Ashley has been at TOSH since 2014 and specializes in sports nutrition; focusing on the nutritional needs of athletes of all ages and skill levels, from amateur to pro. She is a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics and enjoys working with a wide variety of athletes and their specific performance nutrition needs and goals. Ashley was a Division I high jumper and heptathlete at the University of Oklahoma where she earned a bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences and a master’s degree in adult and higher education.

She has spent years educating and working with student athletes in the athletic departments of the University and Oklahoma and University of Utah. When she’s not helping athletes with their nutrition, she can be found riding the roads and mountain trails around the state, hiking, golfing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding.


Jenna Limardo, MS, RD

Jenna is a registered dietitian who works with people to help heal their relationships with food and their bodies. She works with patients experiencing eating disorders, arthritis, diabetes, and other conditions influenced by nutrition. Her approach is non-weight focused and is informed by Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size principles. She earned her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the University of Idaho, where she was also a four-year member of the women’s volleyball team. Part of her responsibilities at TOSH include teaching community nutrition classes, including the four-week Nutrition for Life class and the Healthy Nutrition class associated with the TOSH arthritis clinic.

Prior to joining Intermountain Healthcare and TOSH, Jenna completed a fellowship at Stanford University where she worked with collegiate athletes from a variety of sports to better understand meal preparation skills and sports nutrition. She really enjoys working with people from all backgrounds and stages of life. When she’s not at work, Jenna enjoys spending her time hiking, playing sand volleyball, reading, and hanging out with family and friends.


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