For over 20 years, TOSH has served a unique role nation-wide as a center for premier orthopedic care. Here is a look at the conditions we treat and the treatments we provide.

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Head Injury

We offer care for athletes who have suffered head injuries, including concussions.



For many elbow conditions, we can help treat you with non-surgical and surgical treatment.

Foot and Ankle

Let our experienced therapists and surgeons diagnose and treat the source of your foot or ankle pain.


Conservative treatments can often help reduce the pain, but when it’s time for surgery, our knee surgeons have excellent outcomes.


With early, proper treatment for shoulder pain, we can help you return to normal activity levels.

Wrist and Hand

With certified hand therapists and surgeons who specialize in hand surgery, you’ll receive excellent care for your finger, hand, or wrist injury.
hip pain 2

TOSH Hip Program

Advanced clinical care for conditions of the hip.