Intermountain Diabetic Foot Clinic

Intermountain's Diabetic Foot Clinic offers multiple services to provide the best treatment for your wound. 

When you come to TOSH you will meet with one of our specially trained foot and ankle therapists. Understanding the injury or the surgery you’ve had is an important part of matching your custom treatment plan with your goals. We will use this information to design a therapy and exercise treatment plan that’s made just for your condition.

Some unique features of TOSH’s foot and ankle therapy program include:

  • Multi-disciplinary team: Our team includes experts from many different specialties including foot and ankle fellowship trained surgeons, physician assistants, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. They work together to find the best way to treat you.
  • Research: We conduct research to improve clinical outcomes for patients suffering from foot and ankle injuries.
  • Equipment:
    • We use the Gait Rite system to measure the temporal and spatial characteristics of your gait. This will help us track your progress.
    • You may have access to the pool as part of your rehabilitation program if it’s appropriate for your care.
    • We may use an unloaded treadmill to help you walk. You’ll be suspended above the treadmill in a harness. This will keep you from putting too much weight on your injury. We also have an anti-gravity treadmill to help you walk and run with less impact.

Foot and Ankle Therapy at TOSH - The Orthopedic
Specialty Hospital

TOSH Physical Therapy - Murray

Building 2, 1st Floor, Enter through the entrance of Building 2 on the northeast corner of TOSH campus. After entering, turn right, walk straight ahead, and turn left.