If you suffer from a golf injury, our experts will give you excellent treatment and help teach you how to prevent future injuries. With a staff member who is certified as a golf fitness instructor from the Titleist Performance Institute, we offer unsurpassed knowledge about golf-related treatment options and injury prevention.

Golf is a dynamic sport that requires flexibility, strength, and endurance. Golfers can sustain a variety of injuries due to the nature of the sport. During a golf swing, you can injure virtually any joint. If you lack flexibility and strength, you’re more likely to get injured. The most common injuries happen to the low back, elbow, shoulders and wrist joints.

What to expect

When you come in for your appointment with us, we’ll give you a thorough exam and identify any flexibility and strength issues you may have. You’ll also receive treatments for your specific injury. Some of the treatments may include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Exercises to do at home

Video training

This video from a TOSH occupational therapist shows a simple stretch that can prevent and treat golfer's elbow.

Sports Performance Training


Golf Training

The TOSH Golf program is designed specifically for golfers who want to improve their overall golf performance, prevent injuries, and play with more consistency.