TOSH physical therapy has a unique running program designed to treat and educate runners of all levels. You'll be cared for by a therapy team that specializes in running injuries and mechanics. We consistently study running research to stay up to date on running trends and treatment techniques. 

When you join our therapy program, you'll receive an evaluation of form, strength, flexibility, and current training methods, as well as a comprehensive orthopedic examination. Therapists use this information to design a personalized home exercise program, which addresses an injury or problem. Generally within one to two visits you'll have the information you need to get safely back on the road.

Our therapy running program includes:

  • Sports injury assessment and performance enhancement
  • Assessment of strength, flexibility and trunk stability
  • Video analysis of running form
  • State-of-the-art unloading treadmills that reduce loads while training lower extremities
  • Specific strength techniques and equipment
  • Review of training plans and schedules 

Reducing running injuries

This KUTV news report with TOSH physical therapist Joel Nuttall gives some simple stretches that will help you avoid running injuries.

Treating ankle sprains

In this video, TOSH Physical Therapist Beth Gillmore demonstrates the best initial treatment of ankle sprains.

Sports Performance Training


Distance Running Training

If you want to improve your running and get the most out of your training time, the TOSH Running Program can help.