TOSH Biomechanics is a dedicated research and assessment space involved in three primary activities: 

  • Hypothesis-driven research studies
  • Clinical testing of lower extremity orthopedic patients
  • Gait analysis for competitive and recreational athletes of all ages and ability levels

We utilize a 10 camera 3-Dimensional Motion Capture System synced with high-speed video, an instrumented Force Treadmill, fixed in-ground Force Plates, portable Force Plates, a Pressure In-Sole system and EMG. 

Ongoing areas of research include: 

  • ACL Injury Risk
  • Return to Sport criteria following ACL Reconstruction
  • Functional outcomes and predictors of outcomes for hip impingement patients
  • Influence of minimal running shoes on Running Mechanics, Economy, and Injury Risk
  • Running Mechanics and the risk of Stress Fracture in female runners
  • Amputee Running Mechanics

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