Exercise Physiology is the study of the short-term biological responses to the stress of physical activity and how the body adapts to repeated bouts of that activity over time

Most exercise physiology labs are found in university settings, but our exercise physiology program is part of our integrated approach to health and wellness, injury prevention, and human performance improvement for patients and athletes of all ages and abilities. 

The members of our exercise physiology staff have competed and coached at the highest levels of sport in addition to holding advanced degrees and certifications in the Exercise and Sport Sciences. We utilize the latest technology to measure cardiovascular fitness, movement economy, and sport and activity-specific measures such as speed, power, and force production to aid our patients, fitness clients, and athletes achieve their health and performance goals. 

TOSH Exercise Physiology Program offers the following services:

  • VO2MAX
  • Lactate/Ventilatory Threshold
  • Running Economy
  • Body Composition
  • Training Consultation
  • Research: Orthopedic, Injury Reduction and Sport Performance

TOSH also offers Gait Evaluations as well as an on-site Sports Training Program and Sports Nutrition counseling to enhance your experience. Visit our other service pages to learn more: 



Learn more about TOSH Biomechanics dedicated research and assessment space. 

Sports Nutrition

Our Sport Nutrition program is designed to teach athletes, parents, and coaches about the relationship between nutrition and sport performance.

Sports Training

No matter what your sport, our Sports Training services use scientifically-based methods guaranteed to help you run faster, jump higher, and perform better than the competition.