TOSH Running Program coaches Rebecca Bennion and Jim Walker are elite distance runners and have extensive experience assisting beginning, as well as elite runners achieve their running aspirations. Regardless of experience or age, we utilize individualized training plans to optimize results for each athlete. Together, we set realistic goals, enhance your running mechanics, optimize your training program, and improve your race day performances. Even those that are new to the sport can benefit from our one-on-one assistance. We can get you started, keep you going, and help you in your journey to be the best runner you can be.

Our partnership with USATF-Utah also offers the most up to date educational material and running community events. Working together, TOSH and USATF-Utah sponsor quarterly information newsletters, offer education seminars, and host running clubs and races for everyone. 

Give our knowledge, experience, and dedication a chance to make you a better runner. 


  • Online Coaching
  • One-on-one Coaching Sessions
  • Team Training Clinics (on and off-site clinics available)
  • Supplemental Oxygen Training (simulates sea-level conditions to enhance training quality)
  • Anti-Gravity Treadmill Training (minimizes impact forces to safely manage return to training)
  • Running Clinics (free periodic community seminars - see the events tab above for dates, times and topics)

TOSH also offers Gait Evaluations and Exercise Physiology services as well as an on-site Sports Training Program and Sports Nutrition counseling to enhance your running experience. Visit our Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition, and Sports Training service pages to learn more.  

Additional Program Information


Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Our Alter-G® Treadmill gives us the ability to safely manage an injured runner’s return to training or increase a healthy runner’s mileage while minimizing impact forces to avoid injury.​​

Coaching and Training

​​Through one​-on-one and online coaching with our expert team of coaches and scientists you can train smarter to run faster and safer.

Gait Analysis

We utilize advanced technology to analyze the mechanics of how you run.

Sport Physiology Testing

​​We offer lab and field-based physiological tests to help us develop individualized programs designed to improve your training and running performance.

Supplemental Oxygen Training

Supplemental Oxygen Training simulates the oxygen concentration available at sea level, allowing runners to improve their speed and endurance through the sea level intensity workouts.​

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Reach out to us by completing an online form. We're happy to set up an appointment or provide more information about our training program.

Related Information


Sports Nutrition

Our Sport Nutrition program is designed to teach athletes, parents, and coaches about the relationship between nutrition and sport performance.

Therapy For Running Injuries

We offer specialized therapy designed specifically to help runners recover quickly from injuries and get back to the sport they love.



Pilates is a great way to strengthen muscles and improve health for anyone recovering from an injury, suffering from arthritis, and even endurance athletes.