Your body is the most important piece of equipment for any sport you play, and golf is no exception. The TOSH Golf program is designed specifically for golfers who want to improve their overall golf performance through fitness, play with fewer injuries, and play with more consistency. 

What to expect

Our Certified Titleist Performance Institute professionals will take you through a golf specific functional screening process. By combining these screening results with your video analysis we are able to prescribe a customized fitness program that will address your weakest links. This will allow you to play with more consistency, more power, and with fewer injuries.

You will be assigned a fitness handicap that will be used as a baseline to measure improvement. In your following visits you will be re-screened and re-handicapped. This will allow you to see the improvements you are making.

Our fitness screening, designed by the Titleist Performance Institute, has been used by Titleist tour professionals for years. Now, you can have access to the same information and program that your favorite tour players use.

Custom Fitness Program

You will be given access to your customized workout at the website. You will be able to view pictures and video of your workout. You will have the ability to print or upload the workouts to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and set email reminders for each workout.

Video and Exercise Analysis

We will capture your swing using high-speed cameras in our state of the art video room. This video, along with your fitness screening, will allow us to prescribe the most effective fitness program for you. You will receive a copy of the video for your personal use.

Sports Nutrition Counseling

Fueling your body to meet the demands of golf is truly a science. Our sport dietitian provides specific instruction and education designed to teach athletes, parents, and coaches about the relationship between nutrition and sport performance.

Your Golf Program Package will include:

Visit 1

  • Functional screening by a TPI certified instructor.
  • Your golf swing in high speed video.

Visit 2

  • Personalized golf specific exercise and fitness program.
  • Online access to your customized work-out.

Visit 3

  • Follow-up visit with a TPI certified professional for evaluation of fitness progression.
Price: $225 for the standard program. Group discounts and other deals are available. Call to learn more.