Creating an effective training regimen can be difficult for distance runners and injuries are always a risk. The TOSH Running Program is designed to take the guesswork out of training to help you train smarter, run better, and avoid injuries. Whether your goal is to run for health and fitness, to run and finish a race, qualify for the Boston Marathon, or attain elite-level status, we have the expertise and resources to help you.

Our program uses scientifically proven methods that have helped athletes of all abilities ranging from Olympic competitors to weekend warriors and casual joggers.

What to Expect

Your first meeting will be an evaluation and consultation, where we assess your ability and consult with you to understand your goals. Our assessment includes a video analysis of your gait and running form, which allows us to identify ways that you can improve your gait for maximum speed and fewer injuries.

Then you’ll have several options including:

  • A training program customized for your unique needs
  • On-line updates and coaching
  • Periodic one-on-one coaching sessions 
  • VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold, and other sports physiology tests to assist in designing the best program for you

Coaching and consultations are provided by experts who have successful distance running and coaching backgrounds. They’ll help you improve your performance and minimize your risk of injury. 

Pricing and Registration

Gait Lab Services

  • Video Analysis with Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) — $185
  • 3-D Motion Capture with GRF — $200

*All analyses include interpretation and suggestions/drills to correct problems

Physiology Services

  • VO2 Max — $150
  • Threshold — $150
  • Running Economy — $150

Coaching and Training

  • Initial Consultation — $75
  • One-on-One Coaching Session — $50
  • Distance Protocol Session — $30
  • On-line Coaching — $110 to $160/month, determined after initial consultation
  • Supplemental Oxygen Training Session — $35/hour
  • Alter-G Treadmill Session — $10/hour

**All services listed above include 15 percent discount for individuals enrolled in a TOSH Running Program Coaching program

Sport Nutrition

  • Initial Consultation (Adult) — $90
  • Additional Private Sessions (Adult) — $22
  • Initial Consultation (Youth) — $78
  • Additional Private Sessions (Youth) — $17
  • Monthly “Fueling for Success” Group Clinics (Youth) — No Charge
  • Private Youth Team Clinics — No Charge
  • Private Adult Team Clinics — $280

Additional Program Information


Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Our Alter-G® Treadmill gives us the ability to safely manage an injured runner’s return to training or increase a healthy runner’s mileage while minimizing impact forces to avoid injury.​​

Coaching and Training

​​Through one​-on-one and online coaching with our expert team of coaches and scientists you can train smarter to run faster and safer.

Gait Analysis

We utilize advanced technology to analyze the mechanics of how you run.

Sport Physiology Testing

​​We offer lab and field-based physiological tests to help us develop individualized programs designed to improve your training and running performance.

Supplemental Oxygen Training

Supplemental Oxygen Training simulates the oxygen concentration available at sea level, allowing runners to improve their speed and endurance through the sea level intensity workouts.​

Contact the TOSH Running Program

Reach out to us by completing an online form. We're happy to set up an appointment or provide more information about our training program.

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