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Hospital Specialties

Aquatic Program

TOSH’s Aquatic Program offers you aquatic therapies (pool therapy) through a variety of classes
TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

Arthritis Program

Helping you manage and improve your arthritis symptoms and health
TOSH Arthritis Program

Baseball and Softball Training Program

Swing, hit, throw, train, and play at your best.
TOSH Sports Training

Ear, Nose, & Throat

We can help you with your hearing, balance, voice, smell, taste, and/or language. We’ll work with you individually to relieve your symptoms and develop a unique treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.
ENT Specialists - TOSH

Hearing and Balance

Intermountain Healthcare provides comprehensive hearing and balance care for all ages. Our integrative team of audiologists and physical therapists are here to listen to your concerns and work with you to find solutions that fit your unique needs and lifestyle.
TOSH Hearing and Balance Center


Our imaging services (sometimes called radiology) include imaging for your bones, organs, muscles, tendons, and everything else within your body. From injuries to diseases, our imaging team will help you get accurate diagnoses to begin treatment quickly or rule out possibilities to help you find the answer.
TOSH Imaging Services
TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital


Our goal at Intermountain Laboratory Services is to become your partner in the care of your patients. We do this by combining convenient draw locations, advanced laboratory testing options, a wide range of connectivity solutions and a level of service unseen in today’s laboratory industry.
Cottonwood Medical Office Building Draw Station


Intermountain Healthcare Nutrition Services improves the health and well-being of our communities by advocating medically-sound nutrition practices. Our team of more than 140 registered dietitian nutritionists in Intermountain hospitals and clinics are the nutrition experts who improve your health through evidence-based care.
TOSH Outpatient Nutrition Services

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

We provide surgical and non-surgical care for your bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. From sports injuries to foot pain to a total joint replacement, our team will help you understand your condition, choose the best treatment option, and recover fully.
Orthopedic Specialty Clinic
Orthopedic Specialty Group - TOSH
TOSH Sports Training
TOSH Pilates

Pain Management

The goal of the pain treatment team at Intermountain Healthcare is to help our patients live their healthiest lives possible by easing pain symptoms and restoring function and movement.
TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy services at Intermountain Healthcare provide medication therapy to patients at the hospital. Our pharmacists work closely with doctors to provide proper care.
TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

Pilates Program

Strengthen your body with individual, small-group, and online Pilates classes
TOSH Pilates

Primary Care

Intermountain Healthcare recognizes your need for a personal relationship with your primary care team. Our caring physicians are dedicated to listening to your health concerns, treating your individual needs, providing preventive medicine, and working with you to improve your health.
Medical Tower Family Practice

Respiratory Care

The Respiratory Care team at Intermountain provides compassionate care for anyone with acute and chronic lung disease. We use the latest medications and advanced technology to make sure you can live fully.
TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital


Intermountain Healthcare provides the specialized care joint, bone, tendon, and muscle conditions need. Our expert physicians work closely with your primary care physician to diagnose your condition and develop an individualized treatment plan.
TOSH Arthritis Program
TOSH Multispecialty Clinic

Sleep Medicine

From sleep apnea to insomnia, disruptive night behaviors to daytime sleepiness and fatigue, the Intermountain Sleep Medicine provides exceptional care for all your sleep medicine needs.
Sleep Disorders Center

Soccer Training Program

The TOSH Soccer program offers comprehensive, soccer-specific tools and training to push you to the next level.
TOSH Sports Training

Sports Performance

Regardless of your athletic abilities, our team takes you beyond your ground-based training limitations so your brain will learn to send stronger, more precise signals to muscles.
TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

Sports Science

Science-based studies and testing that help you achieve your goals.
TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

Surgical Specialties

Intermountain's world-renowned surgeons and surgical services teams are committed to helping you and your loved one feel healthier and happier. We understand that surgery is a significant decision, and our highly-trained physicians carefully consider each case to ensure that our patients receive only the procedures that they need to get well sooner and to stay well.
TOSH Surgery Registration

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