Achieve your peak athleticism

Enhance your athleticism—achieve your goals.

Regardless of your athletic abilities, our team takes you beyond your ground-based training limitations so your brain will learn to send stronger, more precise signals to muscles (neuromuscular training). Through more than 30 years of training development and a commitment to science principles, our sports performance and sport science teams at TOSH have pioneered our training development to help you—and all athletes—improve your athleticism and reach your goals.

Scientifically-based performance training

Small group training sessions

Trained by certified exercise specialists

Fully equipped training center

TOSH Bridge Program for return-to-sport

Treadmill Running

Various speeds and inclines are used to work on form, which helps you become faster and more agile. These sessions also train your body to adapt to shorter recovery periods and help you achieve a more explosive performance.

Treadmill Running

Plyometric drills improve your footwork, balance, agility, endurance, and jumping ability. These drills also help you, and all athletes, improve body awareness and your ability to move quickly with explosiveness.

Ground-Based Training

Ground-based training sessions improve the transformation of the movement skills you develop from treadmill and plyometrics sessions, along with other sport-specific drills and situations. This training will help you use your skills during sport performance.


Because flexibility greatly influences an athlete’s speed and power, our exercise specialists assess and work on your range of motion in your lower extremities’ key joints and muscles.

Strength Training

Weighted equipment and strength training are used to improve your athletic power base. Youth-aged athletes will use strength-building techniques that do not involve weights.

Patented Sprintcords

Our program’s cords attach to your legs and arms to help you increase active resistance when you run, kick, jump, or throw. Sprintcords enable you to strengthen your body’s movements at velocities used in actual athletic play—thus improve competitive performance.

Sports Performance Training: Full Program

A standard full program at TOSH will take you six to 12 weeks to complete. Consistently attending two to three sessions per week will maximize your physical and physiological benefits. Your customized training sessions will significantly improve your overall sport performance and will propel you toward your goals.

TOSH Bridge Program

The TOSH Bridge Program bridges the gap between your physical therapy discharge and your return to high-level physical performance.

Those who compete in sports or are involved in high-demand occupational settings (firefighting, police work, military, etc.) benefit from the components of Bridge. This program combines key facets in the latest ACL rehabilitation with our Sports Performance program’s state-of-the-art technology. Our exercise specialists personalize every session to your abilities by providing a step-by-step progression through three levels of training.

The Bridge program lasts between eight and 12 weeks, depending how consistent you are in training.

There are five major components to the ACL Bridge program:

  • Forward and backward incline running
  • Plyometrics
  • Agility and multi-directional movements
  • Strength training
  • Lower extremity functional assessment (LEFA)

Throwing, Hitting, Fielding, & Kicking Analysis

These analysis sessions take place in our video analysis center at TOSH. You will work individually with your exercise specialist to complete a video analysis of your current mechanics, followed up with specific instructions to help you improve or correct your mechanics.

Throwing, Hitting, Fielding, & Kicking Sessions

Improve your skills with the knowledge and coaching from your exercise specialist, baseball/softball specialist, or soccer specialist. Video analysis and power cords are also used during your sessions.

Kicking One-on-One Session

Our program’s soccer specialist will help you improve your soccer skills on all levels—from ball handling, first touch, winning the ball out of the air, etc.


The following packages are available to all athletes. Please call our team for pricing and additional details for each package.

  • Maintenance Package: Includes a mini program (12 workouts, six treadmill, and six plyometrics). May add upper body strength training.
  • Performance Package: Includes strength testing and a medium program (18 workouts, nine treadmill, and nine plyometrics).
  • Complete Performance Package: Includes strength testing and a full program (24 workouts, 12 treadmill, and 12 plyometrics).