Health and fitness are key to maintaining a strong heart. That’s why the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation program at Utah Valley Hospital is committed to helping patients recover quickly and efficiently after a cardiac incident.

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Makes All the Difference in Heart Recovery

Judy McBeth shares her experience with the cardiac rehab unit at the Utah Valley Clinic at Utah Valley Hospital. "The team at Cardiac Rehab, the staff and other friendships we made, REALLY lifted me up!" - Judy

Integrated Care

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Utah Valley Hospital is introduced in three phases.

Phase I

Phase I takes place while the patient is still hospitalized. It consists of patient/family education before the procedure, exercise following the procedure and discharge instructions. Phase I patients are then enrolled in Phase II (an outpatient program) or instructed on exercises to do at home.

Phase II

Phase II takes place in the LiVe Well Center at Utah Valley Hospital’s new Sorenson Tower. Patients are monitored by exercise specialists while they exercise. Weight gain, oxygen saturation, and incisions are checked regularly. Any problems are immediately brought to the attention of the patient’s cardiologist or surgeon. Education on stress management, diet, coping with illness and home exercise is also available.*

Phase III

Phase III helps patients make the transition from closely monitored exercise to exercising on their own. Aerobic, strengthening and stretching exercises are all emphasized. In addition to the exercise, patients receive further education on heart disease and healthy lifestyles.

AACVPR Accreditation

Utah Valley Hospital is accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation for its Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. AACVPR is an important accreditation that sets Utah Valley Hospital’s program apart from many of the country’s Cardiac/Pulmonary rehab centers. The accrediting body requires strict guidelines be established and constantly maintained, further assuring cardiac rehab and care is appropriately provided for patients.

Healthy Lifestyle & Risk Factors

Home Exercise Class