After the birth of your baby, the Utah Valley Hospital Mother/Baby (Mom/Baby) maternity care team provides support and treatment to assist you with recovery, and to get your baby off to a healthy start. Our focus is on helping you rest and bond with your newborn.

Safe and Healthy Mom and Baby

Our staff members are highly trained and use research-based practices to take care of a variety of conditions for the safety of mothers and newborns. The Mother/Baby Unit is a secure unit that uses the TotGuard system to help protect you and your baby. You will be provided a special room code that visitors will need to enter the unit.

Care for Mom

We partner with you regarding your care, pain management, and the care of your newborn. If you have a preference for your care, please let us know and we'll work to accommodate your needs. Some of the highlights of our unit include:

  • Each mom and baby stay together in one of 36 private Mother/Baby postpartum rooms, each with a private bathroom.

  • Eat well and enjoy room service delivery. We offer a large menu with a variety of chef-inspired, healthy items. You can order what you want (unless your doctor prescribes a specific diet) and have the food brought right to your bedside.

  • Lactation consultants are available Monday through Saturday for breastfeeding questions or assistance. Our staff is also trained to assist with lactation needs.

  • Education resources are available to help you care for yourself and your newborn.

  • Your room has accommodations for your support person to stay overnight in the room with you.

  • Our pharmacy can deliver your take-home medications right to your room, saving you time and allowing you to enjoy more time at home with your baby after you leave the hospital.

Care for Baby

  • Because the health and well being of you and your baby is our top priority, we encourage skin to skin and breastfeeding within the first hour of life. In efforts to continue this parental bonding and develop breastfeeding skills for you and your baby, we also promote non-separation, encouraging moms and babies to room-in together during the stay.

  • Should your baby need to go to the nursery for extra observation and/or you need assistance, our expert caregivers in the nursery are always available. Our special care nursery is located close to your room, and provides testing and treatment for your newborn.

  • Our hospital features the largest NICU in the state, with expert clinical teams on hand to address the needs of babies requiring additional support.

Education for Mom

For first time moms and experienced moms, the birth of a baby is a big change. See how you can take care of yourself after you leave the hospital.


Caring for Yourself and Your Baby

Our mom & baby care team provides education and information to help prepare you on how to best take care of yourself and your newborn.

Parents look at their new baby

Tips for Your Support Person

Many moms have a support person with them through their hospital stay. This support person can help moms in a number of ways.

  • You can assist mom with breastfeeding. A nurse or lactation consultant can help guide you.
  • You can help change diapers.
  • You can help sooth the baby if he or she is crying.
  • You can provide encouragement to mom. Let her know you love her, support her, and are there for her.
  • Help with the care of the baby as much as you are able, allowing time for mom to take naps or sleep during the night.
  • Take time to learn all you can about postpartum mood disorders and how you can help.

Post Partum Care at Utah Valley Hospital