Welcome to Intermountain Bill Pay, we thank you for choosing us for your medical needs.  When it’s time to focus on your medical bills, we want to make it as easy and convenient as possible.  We offer several different options to pay your bill.  To pay online use our one-time bill-pay option or opt in to set up and manage a payment plan. 

For any questions, contact our Patient Financial Services department.

Please be advised that only accounts with a patient responsibility are visible online.  Accounts still pending insurance will not display until the patient responsibility is determined.

Many physicians who practice at our hospitals and clinics are private practitioners and may send you a separate bill for their services.  These may include anesthesiologists, radiologists, emergency room physicians, surgeons, or other specialists.  Please call their offices if you have questions concerning their bills.

One-Time Bill Pay

Use this option to make a one-time payment by using your statement and pin # to pay on your Hospital, Medical Group, Home Care and Central Lab account(s).

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One-Time Payment Online

You can make a one-time payment using your Intermountain Healthcare paper statement and pin # without enrolling for an account. Use this option to pay on your Hospital, Medical Group, Home Care and Central Lab account(s).

Online Payment Plan

Use this option to opt in, set up a payment plan and receive statements online. This option is currently only available for hospital and selected physician services.


Manage Your Account Online

Learn more about the types of bills you have received, contact our Customer Service department, and find answers to frequently asked questions about Intermountain bills.