What Is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply being present in this moment without being caught up in judging whether this moment is the way we think it should be…it’s being here, now.

Intermountain is a mindful organization:

  • Our "Experience Promises", Always Safe—Always Present—Always Together
  • Opportunities to learn about mindfulness are available to providers via classes, online training and internal presentations
  • Everyone you encounter at an Intermountain facility should be completely present…right here, right now with you!

Intermountain is offering mindfulness classes including Mindful Pain Management (offered at some Intermountain pain clinics and expanding throughout the system), Inner Wellness⁠—a class which offers instruction in mind-body techniques including mindfulness⁠—offered through LiVe Well Centers, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)⁠—a highly effective evidenced based class which offers instruction in mindfulness skills. MBSR is currently available in a number of locations throughout Intermountain and is being expanded further in coming months.



Online Classes

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