Intermountain Precision Genomics team provides a personalized approach to testing, diagnosing, and treating cancer. Our unique process analyzes the genetic makeup of a patient’s cancer and employs a team of skilled molecular tumor specialists to review each test and determine how to most effectively treat that cancer case. Our team approach gives oncologists the information and support they need to prepare a customized, targeted treatment plan for each patient.

The Intermountain Precision Genomics ICG100™ test examines a larger portion of a patient’s DNA, rather than just a genetic hotspot, to better detect which, if any, of over 160 types of cancer mutations exist.

Attacking Cancer

We are committed to helping our patients live happier, healthier lives. And at Intermountain Precision Genomics, we understand that each day living with cancer is complex. Our rapid and interactive process takes about 14 days from the time a sample is received to when our findings and recommendations are delivered to oncologists in a comprehensive report. When mutations are found, our Molecular Tumor Board team provides an interactive functionality that allows oncologists to order the recommendation medications directly from the report with just one click. 

Since our launch we have connected many patients with targeted therapies, helping extend life along with an improved quality of life.

Services & Tests

Intermountain Precision Genomics supports patients and doctors through their entire diagnosis and treatment process. Our experienced team of oncologists and cancer specialists test and sequence tissue samples from our in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory before collaborating to analyze and evaluate findings, recommend treatments, and monitor outcomes. 

The path to understanding and overcoming cancer begins with Intermountain’s ICG100™ test, which detects any irregularities or cancer markers within a patient’s genes and DNA. Our scientists have identified over 160 genes that can play a part in developing cancer, and the ICG100™ test looks at each one to determine if any show abnormalities. Our proprietary process typically produces high quality and high depth of coverage (greater than 300x) rom most samples submitted for analysis. The Precision Genomics Clinical Laboratory operates under strict CLIA-CAP regulations, providing the highest quality of data to ordering physicians. 

Just as you wouldn’t treat a stubbed toe the same as you would treat strep throat, each type of cancer responds to different treatments. The ICG100™ test pinpoints what genes indicate cancerous mutations, and then members of our molecular tumor board use this data to discuss what type of cancer exists, and how to best treat it. By allowing many physicians and specialists to provide their perspective, doctors and their patients benefit from an increased breadth of experience and insight. 

After the Molecular Tumor Board has had a chance to review the information and form conclusions, they prepare a report to share with the physician who requested analysis. This report outlines the board’s recommendations and includes a link to procure the recommended, targeted drugs. This personalized and patient-specific report also highlights relevant clinical trials. Together, Intermountain Precision Genomics and your trusted physician will work with you to determine your unique needs, communicate and review results with you, and develop a treatment plan that works.