What is PGx?

PGx is the study of how genes affect a patient’s response to medication. The laboratory service, Intermountain Precision Genomics PGx, is an abbreviation for Pharmacogenomics, which blends: drugs (pharma), human genetics (through a DNA sample) and the symbol commonly used for prescription medications, Rx (meaning, “take”). PGx is the study of how genes affect a patient's response to drugs and is a relatively new advancement in the realm of personalized medicine. 

Intermountain Precision Genomics Core Laboratory located in St. George, Utah announces the launch of RxMatch™, a new service to Intermountain Healthcare providers. This new service will enable physicians to implement personalized medicine when prescribing medications.

How It Works

The Intermountain Precision Genomics RxMatch™ - Comprehensive Panel is a DNA test that measures, analyzes and interprets a patient's DNA to determine what medications and dosage selections are right based on genetic information. The test also has the potential to identify potentially harmful drug interactions and calculate drug dosages for patients. RxMatch™ is backed by published clinical evidence.


Tests and Services

Pharmacogenomics, or PGx, is the study of how genes affect a patient’s response to medications.

For Health Professionals

RxMatch™ - Comprehensive Panel offers evidence based results that enable physicians to implement personalized medicine in their practice. 

The new RxMatch™ Comprehensive Panel includes opioids, statins, immunosuppressants, anti-depressants and many more. The results, powered by Coriell Life Sciences, seamlessly integrate genomic medicine into clinical care while managing the breadth of information that is obtained through genomic sequencing. 

The results are used to guide proper dosage based on a patient’s specific DNA genotype. Small genetic variations impact how a patient metabolizes and responds to drugs. RxMatch™ helps ordering providers prescribe the right medication, at the right dose, at the right time.

Patients supply a DNA sample using a buccal collection method, collected in their physician’s office. Once the sample is received, the comprehensive report is available within about a week. To request training, or to order an RxMatch™ Starter Kit for a physician office, please call (435) 251-5780.

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For Patients and Caregivers

Using genetic information to guide treatment recommendations, providers can more quickly find the right medication at the right dose for patients.
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