About RxMatch

The Intermountain Precision Genomics RxMatch panel is a test that measures, analyzes, and interprets each patient's unique genetic makeup to help healthcare providers determine what medications and dosage might best match the patient's genes.

Variations in an individual’s DNA can impact how they metabolize and respond to different drugs. RxMatch analyzes those variants using pharmacogenomics, a cutting-edge field of precision medicine that studies how genes can relate to a patient’s response to medication.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), providers can use pharmacogenomic information to help decide the most appropriate treatment for each individual, including the identification of drugs that are more likely to work, avoiding drugs that might have side effects, adjusting the dose of a drug, or determining if closer monitoring is needed.

Benefits of RxMatch

  • By incorporating genomic information, providers can pinpoint which medications are more likely to work for their patients
  • May help reduce repeat visits for dosing and drug side effects
  • Returns a trusted report based on scientific research and evidence 

RxMatch Comprehensive Panel

The RxMatch Comprehensive Panel report includes antidepressants, opioids, statins, immunosuppressants, antidiabetics, and many others.


RxMatch Starter Kit

Physicians, healthcare providers or medical assistants will need to supply provider information including: name address, email address and phone number.