Intermountain Precision Genomics Call for Collaborative Research Proposals

Translational research plays an important role in helping people live the healthiest lives possible. We strive to support researchers and investigators by combining expertise in next generation sequencing with emphasis on projects in precision medicine. Currently we offer capabilities in whole genome, exome, cfDNA and RNA sequencing as well as single cell and mass cytometry services. Our access to samples through the Intermountain Biorepository and the Intermountain Healthcare Network for prospective and retrospective studies will leverage your best ideas. We aim to help you link genomics to innovation.


2018 Awardees

Stanford University

Prediction of undiagnosed cases of familial hypercholesterolemia. Carlos Bustamante, PhD, Professor of biomedical data science, genetics, and biology at Stanford University

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Novel germline breast cancer susceptibility variants - Nicola Camp, PhD, Hunstman Cancer Institute investigator, professor of medicine at the University of Utah School of Medicine

Genetic epidemiology of ovarian cancers in high-risk pedigrees - Jennifer Doherty, PhD, MS, Huntsman Cancer Institute investigator, associate professor of population health sciences at the University of Utah School of Medicine

Vivid Genomics

Genetic risks of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases - Damian Wheeler, PhD, Vivid Genomics Principal Investigator