Heart failure is a common condition affecting nearly 6 million people in the United States. As a result it accounts for over 1 million hospitalizations each year and up to 15 million office visits. It is the most common discharge diagnosis for those over the age of 65.

Our program establishes "best-practice" guidelines for treating patients with heart failure. We have increased survival rates, decreased hospital admissions, and made improvements in quality of life for heart failure patients.

We provide the following care to every heart failure patient:

  • We measure and monitor heart function.
  • We prescribe appropriate medications and adjust them as needed.
  • We teach patients how to manage their heart failure at home with "MAWDS" training (Medications, Activity, Weight, Diet, and Symptoms).
  • We make every effort to ensure that optimal heart failure care continues as our patients transition to other care providers.
  • We reduce the likelihood of being readmitted to the hospital for heart failure.

More Information for Heart Failure Patients


Heart Failure

Heart failure is when your heart can't pump enough blood to meet your body's needs.


Heart Failure Management

Heart failure management is a comprehensive approach (medications, lifestyle changes, procedures, etc.) that improves the quality and length of your life with heart failure.