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Selecting the correct treatment plan can only happen if a detailed and thorough assessment is completed. In some instances, you may feel that the Spine Institute team is repeating questions and exams that you have already done with your primary care physician. When appropriate we will use information directly from prior histories and exams. However, in most instances, we use our own assessment tools and processes to make our final treatment plan.


To learn about your symptoms, and your condition, the spine team may do several different types of assessment over the course of your care.

This includes:

  • Patient history assessment
  • Physical exam
  • Lab tests
  • Imaging studies
  • Electrodiagonstic testing
  • Other procedures


Our goal is to treat your back problem in the least invasive and most effective way we can. This means that we’ll often suggest trying other less invasive treatments or procedures before recommending surgery.

Even when surgery does seem to be the best option for helping you, we’ll work hard to find a surgical approach that will minimize your risks and lower the disruption to your life.