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Doctor discusses a hip replacement with a patient

Total joint replacement

Our doctors in Colorado, Nevada, Montana, and Utah can do hip, knee, and shoulder replacements. Start your journey towards better motion here.

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We take the worry out of joint replacement

Over time, knees, hips, and shoulders can wear down. Replacing damaged joints with artificial ones is safe if other treatments fail. Patients typically return home within days, fully resuming normal activities in 6-12 weeks with good to excellent results

Excellent Outcomes

Our program exceeds national benchmarks, with significantly reduced readmissions, complications and shorter hospital stays

Total Joint Coordinators

These nurses make sure you have the information you need before surgery and follow up with you after surgery

Physician Collaboration

Our physicians hold weekly meetings to discuss cases, techniques, and new technologies to ensure they provide the best outcomes


Advancing total joint replacement

We offer comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs, including these advanced services.

  • Preoperative Evaluation and Education

  • Diagnostic Imaging (X-rays, MRI, CT scans)

  • Surgical Consultation and Planning

  • Total Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Techniques

  • Postoperative Rehabilitation Services

  • Pain Management

  • Home Health Care Coordination

  • Long-Term Follow-Up and Monitoring


Free Joint Replacement Classes

In this hour-long class, you’ll learn how to prepare for surgery, how to safely recover at home, and how to control pain and side effects from medication. All patients who are scheduled for a joint replacement surgery are encouraged to participate along with their caregivers

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Mark Naatz’s story
Patient story

Mark’s story

Mark Naatz’s long standing hip pain made every day feel like an uphill struggle. Following a hip replacement using robotic assisted surgery, he regained his independence and is back doing the things he loves, like fishing.

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Julie Hagar's story
Patient story

Julie’s story

Rocky Mountain orthopedic patient Julie Hagar used a walker for several years. After years of dealing with the pain, she chose to have both of her hips replaced, a decision which gave her a new lease on life.

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Jon Gartz's story
Patient story

Jon’s story

Jon Gartz had lived with debilitating shoulder pain for years. On the recommendation of our orthopedic surgeon, Mark Luker, MD, Jon had an anatomic shoulder replacement which removed the pain and restored his independence.

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