Intermountain Healthcare provides comprehensive care for mothers and newborns, from finding the first heartbeat to treating postpartum depression. We are committed to making this special time for you and your family a safe and comfortable experience through personalized care and advanced technology. 

Our team of experts, including neonatologists, lactation specialists, and childbirth education instructors, are on hand through your pregnancy, delivery, and first days with a newborn. Learn more about Intermountain’s role in each stage of pregnancy below. 

Your Delivery. Your Choice.

You know your body and baby best, and you should choose the kind of delivery you want or need. We will gladly work with you and do everything possible to create the birthing experience that is right for you.

Experienced Providers

When it comes to you and your baby’s health, experience matters. Our leading women and newborn physicians and specialists draw from years of experience to make sure you and baby stay safe every step of the way.

Education Every Step of the Way

We're here to support you and empower you through each step of your pregnancy with knowledge. We offer a variety of classes on various mom and baby topics, including prenatal exercise, Lamaze, and breastfeeding.

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Learn about taking care of your body during pregnacy to help you prepare for parenthood, and pre-register for your deliver at an Intermountain hospital.


Labor and Delivery

Find information about the labor and delivery process, beginning with signs of labor to after delivery care.


Newborn Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery

The Newborn Intensive Care Unit, or NICU, provides specialized care to premature infants or newborns experiencing complications. Expert neonatal physicians and nurses are able to diagnose, treat, and carefully monitor the tiniest of patients.


Breastfeeding Support

While natural, breastfeeding doesn't always come naturally, trusted breastfeeding support and lactation consultants can help you and your baby enjoy a positive breastfeeding experience from the beginning. Lactation specialists will help you understand positions, latch, feeding cues, and how to sustain a milk supply.


Postpartum Care

The weeks immediately after childbirth are called the postpartum period, and during this time you undergo many changes, both physically and emotionally.


Taking Care of Your Newborn

The work is just beginning once baby arrives. Find information you'll need to know about taking care of your newborn, from how to bathe them to times when you should seek medical care.

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Utah Community Resources

Find a listing of various mom and baby resources found throughout the state of Utah.


Utah Community Resources (En Español)

Find a Spanish listing of various mom and baby resources found throughout the state of Utah.