The Journey to Well-Being

Happy. Secure. Content. Peaceful. Healthy. Thriving. This is what we want out of life. We want to spend more time in these places of wellbeing and less in stress, worry, sick and sad.

Stress is a physical and emotional response to a situation. The situation may be positive, like a new baby or a job promotion. Or it can be negative, like a traffic jam or a fight with your teen-ager. Your body actually doesn't know the difference, it just knows that something is happening and it should get ready to respond. When the body experiences too much stress, or not enough sleep, or when we're depressed for a period of time for some reason, our health may suffer.

Come join us as you explore signs and symptoms that may signal overload, and pick up some new ideas and learn coping skills as you journey toward well-being.


Feel Well TV Spots

The Intermountain LiVe Well campaign has some great videos — some funny, some serious — that provide ideas to help you live happier and feel better. It's all about how you LiVe Well.


Dealing with Depression

Depression is more than just feeling sad or a little under the weather, and one in six people will suffer from a depressive illness at least once in their lifetime. The good news is depression can be treated.


Dont Criticize Weight

Being healthy means being positive about yourself—it is normal and healthy for your body to change over time, so learn to accept your uniqueness.​


Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a basic human need and getting adequate sleep helps us feel better; we feel active, alert, energetic, and happier.


Recognizing Stress

Stress is a physical and emotional response to a situation, but when the body experiences too much stress without time to rest and restore our health may suffer. Learn to identify symptoms of overload and gain some coping skills.​