Intermountain Podcasts is a new channel that features conversations between Mark Briesacher, MD, Senior VP & Chief Physician Executive and President of Intermountain Medical Group, and other Intermountain medical and executive leadership about important, current topics in healthcare.

Tune in to our podcasts for episodes on innovation, continuous improvement efforts, and how our leadership wants to work with each of you to support your invaluable roles of making a difference in our patients’ lives.



Episode Six: Functioning as One Intermountain, aligning ourselves around our patients, and leaning in to change

At our 2017 Medical Group Clinician Forum, Marc Harrison, MD, Intermountain’s CEO and Mark Briesacher, MD, Chief Physician Executive & President of the Intermountain Medical Group led a dinner discussion with our clinicians and answered questions on topics including our new One Intermountain structure and our operational goals.

Episode Five: What are the Changes Ahead for Family Medicine, and How can We Stay Competitive?

Mark Milligan, MD and Karyn Springer, MD—both Family Medicine physicians—share their thoughts on how clinicians can respond to sub-specialization in the field as well as face new competitors seeking to care for the acute episodes of the patients they already manage.

Episode Four: Restructuring Intermountain Medical Group’s Board to Encourage Greater Clinician Engagement

Karyn Springer, MD, Chair of our Medical Group Board, discusses with Dr. Briesacher the Medical Group’s plans to restructure its governance in answer to the requests of physicians and advanced practice clinicians for more involvement and influence in operational strategy and direction.

Episode Three: Continuous Improvement in Internal Medicine by Improving Caregiver Interactions and the Patient Experience

Celia Garner, MD, talks with Dr. Briesacher about how providers in a busy Internal Medicine clinic stay connected to improve the patient experience.

Episode Two: Transforming the Patient Experience

Doug Newbold, MD, a family practice doctor at the Taylorsville Clinic, is one of Intermountain’s highest rated doctors in patient satisfaction. Listen to Dr. Newbold discuss some of the small but impactful changes he has made in his practice to improve the patient experience.

Episode One: Job to Be Done with Mark Briesacher, MD

This is not about outcomes; this is about people. Listen to Mark Briesacher, MD and Todd Dunn talk about Design for People and why patient-focused design means getting out of the office and into the care setting.