Intermountain Healthcare is uniquely positioned in the nation to provide technological advancements and innovative solutions that help meet the demand for high quality care at a sustainable cost. We have a long history of excellence in healthcare innovation, and we continue to build on that legacy everyday as we develop and deliver solutions that help patients and those who provide their care.


Intermountain Ventures

Intermountain Ventures supports Intermountain Healthcare’s mission and vision through proof-of-concept pilots, spinouts, strategic investments, and new commercial business partnerships.


Intermountain Simulation Center

The Intermountain Simulation Center provides a realistic training environment for healthcare teams using advanced technology to simulate complex medical situations.


Medical Informatics

The Homer Warner Center is a world-class facility focused on the pursuit of collaboration and dedicated to the discovery and implementation of innovative information technologies for the improvement of clinical care.


Project ECHO

Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Health-care Outcomes) links specialized, multi-disciplinary teams from across the Intermountain Healthcare System with local community healthcare workers (specialists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants).
Fulfillment Center

Supply Chain Organization

Our Supply Chain Organization is known for its innovative procedures and practices, helping Intermountain get the best value for dollars it spends and allowing the organization to devote more resources to patient care.