Intermountain Healthcare is uniquely positioned in the nation to provide technological advancements and innovative solutions that help meet the demand for high quality care at a sustainable cost. We have a long history of excellence in health technology and development, and this is an exciting time for Intermountain as we continue to build on our legacy in clinical information systems to find solutions that help patients and those who provide their care.


Business Development

Intermountain has developed strategic business partnerships and solutions to discover the best ideas, solutions, and innovators, to harness internal creativity and external disruption toward improving outcomes, longevity, and overall well-being.

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Intermountain Risk Scores

Intermountain Risk Scores are a set of clinical decision tools that predict multiple types of patient risk, including hospital readmission, mortality, and the onset of serious medical conditions. 

Intermountain Simulation Center

The Intermountain Simulation Center provides a realistic training environment for healthcare teams using advanced technology to simulate complex medical situations.

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Rehab Outcomes Management System

Intermountain ROMS® (Rehab Outcomes Management System) is a web-based outcomes tracking and analytics tool that provides your physical therapists with the information and data they need to make better, more personalized decisions. 


Medical Informatics

The Homer Warner Center is a world-class facility focused on the pursuit of collaboration and dedicated to the discovery and implementation of innovative information technologies for the improvement of clinical care.


Transformation Lab

The Healthcare Transformation Lab is revolutionizing innovation in healthcare by working with industry leaders to leverage processes, in efforts to help good ideas become tangible, validated realities.



We provide healthcare practitioners and executives meaningful resources to support delivery of extraordinary care with superior outcomes at an affordable cost