Bolstered with an internationally recognized reputation for transforming healthcare, Intermountain Healthcare created Intermountain Innovations to develop new revenue sources through innovation, partnerships, strategic investments, and business development. 

The core mandate of Intermountain Innovations is to identify and commercialize proven clinical innovations and technological advancements. By bringing these solutions to market, we can positively impact how patients access, receive, and pay for high quality care. 
Intermountain Innovations maintains four unique project portfolios—Lab, Solutions, Ventures, and Enterprise Services—all of which support Intermountain’s mission to help people live the healthiest lives possible®.




Intermountain Innovations: Lab activities center on advancing data insights, analytics, and industry-sponsored research through strategic external partnerships and project piloting.


Intermountain Innovations: Solutions is dedicated to innovation incubation and developing commercial opportunities with Intermountain departments. It also houses the Intermountain Foundry program.


Intermountain Innovations: Ventures focuses primarily on new ventures, strategic investing, and strategic partnerships.
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Enterprise Services

Intermountain Innovations: Enterprise Services is our integration arm that focuses on supporting new enterprises and direct sales for Intermountain products and services.

Collaboration Request Form

For Intermountain and SelectHealth caregivers and external companies: Let us know if you are interested in collaborating with us in key innovation areas.