Intermountain Ventures

We invest in companies that are fundamentally transforming healthcare. Simply put, we seek demonstrated impact in improving quality and lowering costs.



What We Do

Intermountain Ventures supports Intermountain Healthcare’s mission and vision through proof-of-concept pilots, spinouts, strategic investments, and new commercial business partnerships.

The companies we support improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of healthcare –they are working to make healthcare significantly better for every human being. 



Who We Work With

We support these partners and companies as they redefine what’s possible in healthcare:

Jvion -

Velano Vascular -

Collective Medical Technologies -

Circulation - (Exited)

Redox -

Tissue Analytics -

Zebra Medical -

Syapse -

Sera Prognostics -

PierianDx -



Collaboration Request Form

For Intermountain and SelectHealth caregivers and external companies: Let us know if you are interested in collaborating with us in key innovation areas.