Intermountain Ventures maintains an integration arm that focuses on supporting new enterprises and direct sales for Intermountain products and services.

Intermountain Precision Genomics

Intermountain has an in-house laboratory, Precision Genomics, that analyzes the DNA and genetic makeup of a patient's cancer tumor. Precision Genomics uses genetic mapping to develop personalized treatment options for cancer patients.
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Intermountain Mental Health Integration

The goal of Intermountain's mental health integration approach is to treat the whole person – helping people with their mental needs as we serve them medically. Our successful treatment models are now utilized in clinics all across the nation, so more people are healthier both physically and mentally.
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Intermountain Risk Scores

Intermountain Risk Scores are a set of clinical decision tools that predict multiple types of patient risk, including hospital readmission, mortality, and the onset of serious medical conditions.
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Rehab Outcomes Management System

Intermountain ROMS® (Rehab Outcomes Management System) is a web-based outcomes tracking and analytics tool that provides your physical therapists with the information and data they need to make better, more personalized decisions.


GermWatch works with the Utah Department of Health, the University of Utah Health Care system, and other organizations and caregivers to monitor illnesses in our communities. With these insights, caregivers are able to diagnose and treat infections appropriately.