Intermountain Ventures focuses on new ventures, strategic investing, and strategic partnerships.

New Ventures

Alluceo offers proven, team-based mental health integration services and technology. The company aims to normalize mental health services and simplify the process for connecting people with a team of skilled caregivers.

Navican Genomics

Navican utilizes lessons learned from Intermountain’s Precision Genomics program to offer personalized treatment options enhanced by genetic testing for people with stage 4 cancer.

Empiric Health

Empiric Health uses outcomes data to reduce variation and improve healthcare costs and outcomes. The company’s initial offering is based on Intermountain’s ProComp program, which has saved Intermountain over $90M to date.



Intermountain Ventures Fund

Intermountain Ventures Fund is a strategic investment vehicle of Intermountain Healthcare. Its purpose is to source, evaluate, and invest in innovative companies that represent a high return, high growth opportunity and that align with Intermountain’s mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible®.

Strategic Investments

Intermountain Healthcare is a strategic investor with external investment firms, including TriventuresHeritage Group, Health Enterprise Partners, and Ascension Ventures. Through these collaborations, we are able to expand our impact and accelerate the development of high quality care globally. 



Cerner and Intermountain

Intermountain’s clinical information systems collaboration with Cerner will transform healthcare by leveraging new technologies and approaches, making healthcare safer and more effective, efficient, and affordable.

Understanding that the future of healthcare requires us to make meaningful changes, leaders from Intermountain Healthcare and Cerner are committed to finding ways to advance the science and practice of medicine and improve patient care. Moreover, Cerner and Intermountain have been nationally recognized as innovation leaders, receiving acknowledgement in 2013 by Forbes and InformationWeek, respectively, as two of the most innovative companies in the United States.

The collaboration between Intermountain and Cerner will leverage Intermountain’s important work, including its industry-leading clinical processes and data warehouse, and build a new set of tools for a post-fee-for-service world in areas such as activity-based costing.



Our collaboration with Savvysherpa is focused on developing a program that consistently reduces post-operative bed days and complications for surgical patients. Intermountain has already done rigorous clinical research into strategies that reduce post-operative length-of-stay, which are expensive for health systems. Because surgeries are almost always paid for on a DRG-basis, hospitals generally receive no additional compensation when patients spend extra days in the hospital. On the contrary, one of the best ways for hospitals to profit from surgeries is to discharge patients quickly – as long as they can do so without increasing post-operative complications or readmissions.

Working with Savvysherpa, a novel engineering/think-tank organization with access to innovative technologies, we are considering building a new technology/services company to develop and distribute a program to reduce hospital length-of-stay and readmissions by increasing patient activity. If Intermountain can develop a program that consistently reduces post-operative bed days and complications, it will increase its profits on surgical patients. And if this program can be sold to other healthcare systems, it has the potential to become a new source of revenue for Intermountain.