About Us

The Intermountain Ventures Fund is a strategic investment vehicle of Intermountain Healthcare. Its purpose is to source, evaluate, and invest in innovative companies that represent a high return, high growth opportunity and that align with Intermountain’s mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible®.

Investment Criteria

The Fund invests in healthcare IT companies with a strong provider angle that meet the following criteria:

  • Investment Size: Minimum investment of $1 million with a target of $3-5 million invested over the life of a portfolio company
  • Company Stage: Majority of investments will fall within Series A – C, but the fund is stage agnostic

Additionally, while a customer relationship is not a prerequisite for investment, all companies that seek to build a relationship with Intermountain–commercially, financially, or both–must show that they can improve outcomes and reduce costs.


Historical Portfolio


Tute Genomics

Founded in 2012, Tute Genomics is a cloud-based clinical genome interpretation platform that enables researchers and clinicians to utilize human genome data for scientific discovery and individualized treatment.

Current Portfolio



Founded in 2014, PierianDx enables clinical labs to deliver patient-specific diagnosis and treatments based on an individual’s DNA.


Founded in 2014, Redox is the modern API for healthcare, allowing best-in-class software to easily and securely interoperate with EHRs in a health system infrastructure.


Founded in 2008, Syapse provides a precision medicine data platform enabling healthcare providers to use molecular profiling to diagnose and treat patients.

Zebra Medical Vision

Founded in 2014, Zebra Medical Vision uses big data to deliver large scale clinical research platforms and next generation imaging analytics services to the healthcare industry.

Sera Prognostics

Founded in 2008, Sera Prognostics, a women’s health company, develops innovative diagnostic tests focused on the early prediction of preterm birth risk and other complications of pregnancy.



Founded in 2016, Circulation allows healthcare organizations to more efficiently utilize medical transportation in a simple and cost-effective manner. 

Collective Medical

Founded in 2006, Collective Medical delivers a nationwide network used by care teams to identify at-risk and complex patients and facilitate collaboration to improve outcomes.