Doctor Preference Cards (DPCs) are used in every operating room across Intermountain Healthcare. DPCs, much like a recipe card, list all the necessary equipment, instruments, and supplies needed for a successful procedure. DPCs also include specific notes or comments that are meaningful to the surgeons and other clinicians to provide the best care. Knowing exactly which supplies to have in the operating room and when to have them available is key to safety, efficiency, and accuracy in billing for the procedure.

Before transitioning Intermountain facilities to iCentra, the Surgical Services Clinical Program discovered that the system-wide library of DPCs had grown to greater than 55,000 unique cards. Before users could submit change requests through the DPC tool, all requests were submitted in writing. Across the system there were piles of DPCs waiting to be electronically updated, with some piles having requests sitting longer than three months. This proved to be frustrating for surgeons and staff.

The DPC tool is an application developed by the Surgical Services Clinical Program’s ProComp team to standardize how DPCs are maintained, as well as provide more transparent access to supply cost. Today the DPC tool is used in every operating room across Intermountain. Users can log in and view any DPC at any Intermountain facility. They can see the costs of supplies, search for comparable products, submit change requests for a particular DPC, and see the history of changes made for a DPC. With an annual Surgical Services Clinical Program goal to review active DPCs, surgical teams have seen a deliberate and meaningful reduction in unnecessary cards, bringing our active DPCs down to 22,000 and reducing costs by more than $2.5 million for unnecessary supplies.