The Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute aims to equip high-potential physician leaders and administrators with the knowledge they need to transform the future of healthcare. The Leadership Institute will be led by Dr. Charles Sorenson, emeritus President and CEO of Intermountain Healthcare. 

Leaders who wish to develop or strengthen their leadership qualities will do so in this exciting and unique environment. The lessons learned in our program, and the executive coaching offer, will help shape the character and competence of present and future healthcare leaders – and ultimately healthcare itself.



Our Program

The Leadership Institute will serve as an epicenter for healthcare leadership training by inviting senior-level physician leaders and administrators from the across the United States and the globe to participate in multi-day leadership courses.

Course Curriculum

Courses at the Leadership Institute will focus on facilitating shared learning around principle-based healthcare leadership and decision making.

Intermountain Transformation Center

The Transformation Center is designed to be a base for Intermountain’s efforts to transform healthcare in ways that are patient-focused and that consistently provide the best clinical outcomes at sustainable costs.