Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Courses at the Leadership Institute focus on facilitating shared learning around trusted, principle-based healthcare leadership and decision making.
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Our faculty brings together a wealth of knowledge from various walks of life and careers. Learn more about the different strengths our faculty members bring to the team.
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Developing Trusted Leaders™

Learn more about developing trusted leaders through videos, articles, and more by our faculty and alumni. 

Focus of the Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute

The Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute is designed to develop trusted leaders.  

The Institute provides advanced training for experienced clinical and operational leaders in not-for-profit and academic health systems who have the potential to make even more significant impacts within their organizations and in healthcare generally. Participants learn in an immersive and interactive environment from one another and from highly experienced and nationally recognized thought leaders. 

"We focus on timeless principles to develop trusted leaders at the intersection of clinical and operational excellence."  
- Charles W. Sorenson, MD, FACS 
President and CEO Emeritus, Intermountain Healthcare
Founding Director, Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute


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Why This Program

Many not-for-profit and academic health systems provide excellent leadership training for their key executives focusing on strategy, innovation, finances, corporate restructuring, improving revenue cycle and supply chain operations, mergers and acquisitions, clinician burn-out, social determinants of health, and so on.

All of those competencies are important, which begs the questions: how is the Leadership Institute different and why should you attend?  

The short answer is we focus on the critical competency of leadership itself. That is, how to become a more effective and trusted leader who will create positive, significant, and lasting change in your organization and in healthcare generally.

Furthermore, we do so in a manner that cannot be duplicated in an in-house course. We explain what makes us unique below.

The Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute is designed to supplement, not compete with, leadership programs at your institution

What Makes Our Program Unique

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The Faculty

Participants learn from, and interact with, thought leaders and master teachers from Harvard Business School, Notre Dame, University of Michigan, and other respected institutions who bring diverse and inspiring perspectives to class instruction, discussions, and small group exercises. Some of our faculty are published authors, many are well-known nationally, several have won numerous national awards, others have led successful, highly complex healthcare organizations, all are recognized experts in their specialties, and each one is committed to the values that drive this Institute. See the faculty page for additional information.

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The Participants Themselves/Ongoing Learning

The program is designed for mid-career, experienced, and well-regarded health system leaders who possess the potential to make significant positive impacts on their organization’s culture, strategy, and clinical and cost outcomes.


There is no substitute for interacting with other clinical and administrative leaders (in roughly equal proportion) from highly respected healthcare institutions around the country and abroad in a candid, safe, and invigorating environment. Peer learning is essential, including learning and practicing in peer-to-peer coaching. Many attendees tell us they gain almost as much from one another as they do from the formal classwork. The learning and sharing continue long after the conclusion of the course.


We encourage and facilitate ongoing learning and connections through a quarterly newsletter and robust alumni program, including special alumni reunion events held every other year.

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A Highly Immersive, Interactive, Learning Environment

We place a heavy emphasis on interactive class instruction, case-study discussion, small-group learning and problem solving, shared learning, individual assignments, and reflection.


The Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute is housed in the Intermountain Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center on the Intermountain Medical Center campus in Murray, Utah. This state-of-the-art building, with commanding views of the stunning Wasatch Mountains, was specifically designed to foster an environment of collaborative learning, simulation, reflection, and imagination. Its construction was made possible by the generosity of Utah philanthropist Kem C. Gardner. The program includes wellbeing practices to support holistic and sustainable leadership.


Participants in each cohort stay in a high-quality hotel in downtown Salt Lake City in a block of rooms reserved for our group. This allows them to enjoy meals together, collaborate on small group assignments, and develop lasting connections with new friends around the world. Group transportation is provided daily to and from the Transformation Center. 

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The Curriculum

We focus on timeless principles, the competencies and personal attributes that are core to trusted leadership. These principles are vital, particularly as we navigate the complex intersection of clinical and operational excellence.

Key competencies include establishing a compelling vision, fostering psychological safety, learning from setbacks, and unifying divergent stakeholders. These competencies are built upon key attributes such as integrity, empathy, humility, resilience, optimism, and others. We provide multi-rater (360°) and personal assessment tools to help participants understand their areas of strength as well as identify where they can improve. Leaders of the Institute are available for consultation, coaching, and mentoring during and after the cohort.

See a more detailed description of the course curriculum.

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The Results

The following evaluations represent evaluations from all previous cohorts collectively and are based on a 5-point scale with 1 being the lowest possible score and 5 being the highest possible score.


I found the program’s focus on trusted leadership to be valuable and timely – 5.0

I am committed to applying what I learned to my job – 5.0

I would recommend the program to others in my organization – 5.0

I found the program to be applicable to my work or performance – 4.96

I believe it would be worthwhile to apply what I learned to my work – 5.0

Attending this program was worth the time and effort required – 5.0

I am prepared to lead with more confidence – 4.93

I felt the faculty had a genuine interest in my personal leadership development – 4.97


“This was transformative for me. I feel more obligated than ever to be the best leader that I can be.”
– Warren Volker, MD, PhD, FACOG
Chief Clinical Officer
Healthcare Partners of Nevada

“Five stars... I am truly leaving here in awe. I am so impressed with the cohesive display of

genuine caring and leadership from the faculty - it really fostered a supportive learning

environment and set the stage for collaboration, honesty and openness to new ideas.”

– Jennifer Hansen, MSN, RN, CNL
Senior Program Manager
Stanford Health Care 


“It exceeded my expectations on every level.  Being back, I see my role and responsibility in the various leadership situations here much more clearly, which has made me more effective.  And outside of work, the value of living my brand is apparent as well.”

Michael Wang, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, Clinical Director Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center, Program Leader Hematology Section
University of Colorado School of Medicine, Children’s Hospital Colorado

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We conduct several real-time exercises that take place in our advanced, specially designed, simulation center which utilizes the latest in simulation technology and methodologies to practice, observe, and debrief realistic healthcare scenarios to highlight the importance of both character and competence for leaders.



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Program Benefits


For the Organization

  • Develop trusted leaders who help lead positive, lasting change
  • Increase leadership competency and organizational loyalty through a commitment to professional development of high potential leaders
  • Gain valuable perspectives and insights from leaders of other highly respected not-for-profit and academic health systems
  • Enhance company culture as leaders apply timeless leadership principles
  • Prepare participants for additional leadership responsibilities

For the Participant

  • Enhance self-awareness of personal strengths for continued improvement
  • Articulate a trusted personal leadership brand to guide decisions and interactions
  • Increase confidence and effectiveness in leading individuals and teams
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively
  • Utilize specific and individualized professional development tools
  • Strengthen emotional and social intelligence
  • Develop a network of national experts, peers, and mentors to facilitate ongoing learning relationships
  • Effectively lead change in teams and the larger organization

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID-19, dates are pending for our next program.

If you would like us to notify you when dates have been set, please send us your name and contact information at

Who is the Developing Trusted Leaders program for?

The program is for experienced healthcare leaders in not-for-profit organizations who possess the potential to make significant impacts on their organization’s culture, strategy, clinical, and cost performance.

What is unique about the Healthcare Leadership Institute?

We focus on timeless principles to develop leaders who exhibit the character and competence that creates trust and inspires others to engage their best efforts in the difficult but noble cause of creating positive and lasting change.

What is the curriculum?

The Institute utilizes values-based leadership principles to help healthcare leaders more fully develop the combination of character and competence that inspires trust – which is at the core of great leadership. The curriculum focuses on key competencies such as integrity, emotional intelligence, vision, effective communication, strong relationships, the ability to lead effective teams, and personal accountability.

What is the format of the program?

Participants learn from engaging and inspiring faculty from Harvard Business School, Notre Dame, University of Michigan, Intermountain Healthcare, and other leading institutions. Case studies and teamwork engage participants in provocative debate and encourage ongoing relationships. The program provides opportunity to participate in simulation to experience and hone executive decision making that integrates ethical and values-driven considerations. The program also includes wellness practices to support holistic and sustainable leadership.

Where is the Healthcare Leadership Institute?

The Institute is at the Intermountain Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center on the campus of Intermountain Medical Center, 5026 State Street, Murray, Utah.

What is the cost to attend?

Tuition is $14,500 (USD), which includes lodging and meals. More information will become available when the schedule is identified, including an early-bird discount.

The tuition fee includes:

  • Seminar attendance in the Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center
  • Lodging at a high-quality hotel in downtown Salt Lake City
  • Course materials
  • Access to Harvard online lessons, resources, and tool kits
  • Certificate of completion
  • CME and CNE credit (see application page for accreditation information)
  • Meals

May I attend if I am going to finance it myself?

Yes. You will need to include a letter of recommendation when submitting your application for the course. If you are accepted, you will receive an invitation to submit a registration form where you will mark if you are self-pay or if your organization is sponsoring you to attend.

Why do I need to submit an endorsement form?

An endorsement helps us maintain high standards for acceptance into the course, which ensures that your experience will be engaging, enriching, and effective at helping you develop as a trusted leader. The participant experience is dependent on the make-up of the cohort as attendees will be paired with learning partners and will meet in small groups to work through collaborative case studies, live simulations, and other educational experiences.

How can I apply?

Apply here to be considered for participation in the course. Upon your acceptance, you will receive an invitation to register for the program. After payment is received, you will be officially welcomed to the Healthcare Leadership Institute.


Why is the central focus of this program trusted leadership?


Almost everyone knows these are challenging times for healthcare. While we’ve made great strides in improving the quality and safety of healthcare over the past 40 years, substantial challenges remain. These include widely variable clinical outcomes, inconsistent application of evidence-based best practices, inadequate engagement of patients in decision making and chronic disease management, and widespread provider burnout – all while healthcare costs are unsustainable for governments, employers, families and individuals.

Solving these problems will require significant changes in the ways we provide care and in changing payment systems to align best outcomes with rewards for health systems, physicians, and payments. Leading that kind of change will demand great expertise at the intersection of organizational operations, finance, clinical science, and clinical culture. Above all it will require leaders who have earned the trust of those they serve – including front-line caregivers who must help design and implement needed changes.

Many leadership courses focus on strategy, organizational restructuring, change management, and quality improvement. These are certainly important. But without principle-based leadership that creates trust, efforts at transforming our health systems will not succeed in the long term. That’s why the focus of our program is the combination of competence and character needed to create lasting trust that enables positive and lasting changes we need in healthcare today.   

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Intermountain Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center


The Intermountain Healthcare Leadership Institute is housed in the Intermountain Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center on the Intermountain Medical Center campus in Murray, Utah. This state-of-the-art building, with commanding views of the stunning Wasatch Mountains, was carefully designed to foster an environment of collaborative learning, simulation, reflection, and imagination. The Transformation Center also houses the Intermountain Healthcare Delivery InstituteIntermountain Clinical Programs, and other innovation programs. 

The construction of the Transformation Center was made possible by the generosity of Utah philanthropist Kem C. Gardner.

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