Ms. Robel joined Intermountain Healthcare in March 2019. In this time, she has overseen the delivery of nursing and other clinical services across the Intermountain system. She has led and inspired over 10,000 nurses and additional caregivers. During the pandemic, she served as a key member of Intermountain’s Incident Command and led many efforts as the enterprise adjusted to the realities COVID brought. Ms. Robel focuses on ensuring nursing caregivers partner with colleagues to bring value-based care for patients and oversees clinical operations throughout the Intermountain system.

In January 2022, Ms. Robel was selected as a region president for Intermountain Healthcare. She is a mission-obsessed leader who leads change, positively engages teams, and through her collaboration and innovative vision, has led nursing and clinical operations to deliver the highest quality and safest care for Intermountain patients.

Prior to joining Intermountain in 2019, Ms. Robel served as the Executive Vice President, Chief Nursing and Patient Experience Officer for Geisinger Health where she led efforts to standardize nursing practices and developed the Geisinger Nursing Institute. Ms. Robel has extensive experience as a clinical executive and has been a leading voice for clinicians, patients, and the community.

Ms. Robel completed her studies in nursing at Penn State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and MHA from Wilkes University. She completed her doctoral studies in Business Administration at Walden University.