We are creating an extraordinary healing environment through our focus on improving patient satisfaction. We are accomplishing this by focusing on four signature initiatives.

1. Joint Bedside Report

Intermountain, like many healthcare organizations nationwide, is standardizing bedside reporting. Successful implementation allows for a real-time exchange of information and provides significant benefits:

  • Increases patient safety
  • Improves quality of care
  • Increases accountability
  • Strengthens teamwork

2. Living Our Healing Commitments

Each Intermountain employee is committed to creating a healing environment through skills, attitudes, and service:

  • I help you feel safe, welcome and at ease.
  • I listen to you with sensitivity and respond to your needs.
  • I treat you with respect and compassion.
  • I keep you informed and involved.
  • I ensure our team works with you.
  • I take responsibility to help solve problems.

3. Rounding

Rounding for Excellence means asking specific questions of leaders, employees, physicians, and patients to obtain actionable information. Rounding has four main objectives:

  • To build a clear communication process at all levels of the organization.
  • To actively engage our staff and physicians by soliciting their ideas and suggestions and to identify needed process improvements.
  • To identify the great things that are happening in our facilities and to celebrate and honor individuals for the extraordinary work they are doing.
  • To maintain a consistent focus on our culture of patient safety.

4. Using Patient Communication Boards

Use of the communication boards is a best practice that helps patients feel safe, informed, and more engaged in their care. When used correctly, they become a visual map and reminder of the patient’s goals as they progress along the path toward healing. Currently, each facility at Intermountain is expected to utilize communication boards to meet specific patient needs.