At Intermountain Healthcare, we have embraced the principles of continuous improvement—and of being a learning organization. And we are known for our commitment to evidence-based care.

There is no responsibility more important to our mission of "helping people live the healthiest lives possible," and nothing more fundamental to our vision of providing extraordinary care, than honoring the trust our patients and their loved ones place in us.

Protecting our patients is our first responsibility in honoring that trust.

Continuous Improvement Approach

Intermountain is launching an effort designed to help us build an even stronger culture of safety. The Intermountain approach of setting ambitious improvement goals in our core business – caring for patients, and using evidence-based strategies, processes, and tools to achieve those goals – is not new to us.

In coming months, we will thoroughly assess our current processes through discussions with staff and caregivers. Working teams at each facility will develop training on specific tools designed to help us improve by creating a culture that supports patient safety at every level.

Trustees interested in learning more about this important endeavor are invited to contact their board liaisons for information about our continuous improvement efforts at local Intermountain hospitals.

Trustee Contributions

Our board members play a key role in quality and patient safety at our hospitals:

  • Set clear objectives to monitor and formally review patient quality performance measurement reports, and utilize data for improvements.
  • Serve in a decision making role for the hospital's medical staff and conduct frequent discussions with medical staff on quality and patient safety strategies.
  • Help maintain quality of care oversight, promote quality and safety education, and assure resources are allocated to improve process.
  • Hold senior leaders accountable for the quality of care within the hospital and ensure compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards.

Patient Identification and Safety

Intermountain Medical Group values your safety. To make sure we provide the right care we will verify your identification at every encounter and we encourage you to ask that we've checked. We may also ask permission to take your photo or ask for photo ID to include in your medical record and improve our safety efforts.