Intermountain is in partnership with the Las Vegas Raiders to support and promote community health and wellness in Nevada and Utah.

With the Raiders’ move from Oakland to Las Vegas in 2020, their exclusive NFL franchise area will cover both Utah and Nevada. Utah is an important market for them, and the bi-state footprint means our joint outreach initiatives will engage both communities year-round.

The partnership is via sponsorship of the Raiders’ practice and performance center in Henderson. This will be named after Intermountain and is where much of our community activity will take place. The arrangement is similar to that between other healthcare systems and major sports teams (e.g., Baylor Scott & White and the Dallas Cowboys, Virginia Mason and the Seattle Seahawks, University of Colorado Health and the Denver Broncos, and University of Utah Health and the Utah Jazz).

“We are thrilled to be a partner with the Raiders as we focus on community health,” said Marc Harrison, MD, Intermountain Healthcare president and CEO. “We are committed to working together to bring many positive, vibrant, and sustainable health programs to our communities. With this partnership, Intermountain Healthcare is working to extend its mission to more people—expanding in ways that help people live the healthiest lives possible.”

“We are pleased to welcome Intermountain Healthcare as the naming rights partner for our new, state of the art performance center,” said Raiders President Marc Badain. “Together, we are aligned in our investment in outreach programs and are committed to improving community and civic health through multiple platforms.”

The Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center and Raiders Headquarters include a three-story, 135,000-square-foot office area, along with a 150,000-square-foot field house that will house one-and-a-half indoor football fields. There are three outdoor football fields and a 50,000-square-foot performance center.

Additionally, local government is anticipating 250 permanent jobs will be created to run team operations and it is expected that many Raiders players, coaches, and staff will move near the new facility in Henderson.