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    6 Workouts that Burn Major Calories

    6 Workouts that Burn Major Calories


    An article in The Atlantic states that being cold increases your body’s metabolic rate.

    Some exercises burn more calories than most year-round activities. Here are six activities that you can use to feel the major burn.

    Note: The examples used here calories are based on a 175 pound person from The actual number is based on several variables including gender, weight, and intensity level.

    1- We get to ski on the greatest snow on earth and the slopes help with balance, endurance and strength. The same is true for snowboarding.

    “The average person burns about 500 calories per hour of skiing or boarding. The more difficult the terrain and the harder you work, the more calories you burn,” said Heather Darling, nurse practitioner at the LiVe Well Center at Park City Medical Center.

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    2- Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing burns over 630 calories per hour. Take in the scenery of the mountains while being able work out at a higher intensity than downhill skiers.

    “The trails create a harder cardio workout and work more muscles,” said Spencer Richards, from Bountiful Sports Medical Center.

    Trails are scattered along the valley and in the mountains for you to utilize so you don’t need an expensive resort for cross-country treks.

    3- Ice skating, like cross-country skiing, are one of the highest calorie burn activities. The number of calories burned while ice skating really varies by how intense you make the workout. You can stroll along or go-for-speed for a more productive cardio workout.

    Ice skating can burn around 600 calories with a high intensity focus. Playing hockey on the ice will burn more calories.

    4- Sledding doubles as a thrill and a workout. You have to hike up the hill, the steeper the better for you, in order to enjoy the adrenaline rush as you cruise back down. Some resorts have a tow rope to get you back to the top. But bypass the easy option for the hike instead.

    Snow tubing activities are worth over 500 calories per hour.

    5- Just like sledding, fun and exercise can coexist in the snow – you can even build a snowman. Playing in the snow helps with cardio and strength as well.

    Various calories burned list show between 250-350 calories burned per hour. 

    6- Snow shoveling may not be fun – but it’s necessary. So while staring at the covered driveway from the window, maybe a little motivation comes from the thought that the workout is healthy.

    Snow shoveling builds strength while adding a cardio workout and burns over 400 calories per hour. You can continue the workout and also do a good deed in the process by helping your neighbor’s with their homes.

    Take advantage of the season and get the fitness perks. You can find more tips on Intermountain LiVeWell Move Well site.