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    8 Creative Ways to Stay Active with Your Family This Fall

    8 Creative Ways to Stay Active with Your Family This Fall

    Creative ways to stay active with your family this fall

    It’s easy to stay active in summer, but as fall takes center stage, it gets more difficult to keep moving. If you’re turning on the TV for your kids more often now that colder weather is setting in, it might be time to rethink your fall family activities. Autumn brings beauty and plenty.

    Ideas to help you stay active this fall

    Raking leaves

    If you have lots of trees in your yard, turn what might seem like a big chore into family fun time. In addition to being a great source of cardio exercise, raking leaves in your yard will check one more thing off your to-do list. Your kids will also love the fun together time as you rake (and jump into) piles of leaves.

    Visit a corn maze or a haunted house

    Corn mazes are an easy way to log a several miles with your family. Set aside a few hours and visit a local maze. Your family will love working together to find your way out, and chasing your kids in and out of the maze will get your feet moving and will be a fun way to exercise together. Set out earlier in the day for younger kids, and use your problem-solving skills to find the finish line together. Visiting a haunted house together delivers similar benefits, only with less walking and different kinds of high-rate heartbeats. A lot of haunted attractions, especially the ones that are outside, provide less-intensive frights for younger kids.

    Walks and bike rides

    Enjoy the beauty of fall in your neighborhood by taking regular walks or bike rides with your family. Take a leisurely walk after dinner and see the fun decorations going up around your block.

    Pumpkin and apple picking

    Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are full of fall splendor. While picking pumpkins and apples may not be the first thing you think of for exercise, they’re a great way to get more activity into your fall. Whether you’re lifting giant pumpkins or climbing apple trees, you’ll be getting exercise. Bring the whole family and gather healthy fall foods (or walk around to choose the best candidate for your family jack-o-lantern).

    Fall 5K races

    Fall is perfect weather for running. Involve your whole family by signing up for a themed 5K. Halloween races often have costume options or even zombie chases. November races give families an opportunity to work off extra calories with a turkey trot on or around Thanksgiving. These themed races usually offer runners fun prizes. Even families with young children can participate. Just load your toddler into a stroller and get ready to race.

    Hiking in fall

    Embrace the changing of the seasons by taking a hike. Bring your whole family and enjoy the fall foliage together. If you have younger children you can choose a shorter hike and take your time. Challenge your kids to search for different plants or animals along the way. It’s a great time to get some exercise and enjoy a nature scavenger hunt.

    Football season

    Football season doesn’t just mean sitting and watching the game. Get involved by joining a local league or team. You’ll make new friends and get regular exercise. Not interested in playing on a team? Set up a game with friends, play flag football with your family, or toss a ball in the evenings after dinner.

    Get active during TV time

    It’s inevitable. Fall programming means your favorite shows will be on TV. Instead of becoming a couch potato, use that time to move. Challenge your family to see who can do the most push-ups, sit ups, or jumping jacks during a commercial break. TV time is also a great time to jump on the treadmill for a short walk while you watch your favorite show.

    Fall and cooler weather doesn’t mean the end to an active family life. Keep yourself and your kids moving and enjoy the beauty fall brings at the same time.