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    Supporting Families During the Loss of Their Little Loved Ones

    Supporting Families During the Loss of Their Little Loved Ones

    Supporting Families During the Loss of Their Little Loved Ones

    The unfortunate reality of the birthing process is that not all babies will arrive healthy and safe. At Intermountain Healthcare, our team of licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) helps patients whose babies have passed away, who know their baby’s condition is not compatible with life or who have a baby in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit whose life is not sustainable.

    “Our teams are available to help families prepare emotionally for the arrival and passing of their babies,” says Kerri Abney, an LCSW at Utah Valley Hospital. “Our qualified social workers are master-level clinicians with the ability to provide therapeutic care and act as advocates for the patients.”

    How Social Workers Provide Support

    Social workers are informed about any fetal-related incidents so they can schedule a meeting with the patient or family members. They lend emotional support and help the healing process begin by utilizing various clinical therapeutic techniques.

    Mothers who know during pregnancy that their baby will have anomalies, or will not be compatible with life, are referred to a bereavement program called Angel Watch. This free, specialized program is designed to help families through this time of uncertainty. A team of trained professionals offers support, information, and help in designing a plan for families.

    “Healing at an Intermountain facility encompasses body, mind and soul. All of our social workers and staff members are committed to this healing process,” says Kerri.

    Intermountain Healthcare is committed to providing comprehensive care for mothers and newborns in each stage of pregnancy and beyond.

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