When you are expecting, there is much anticipation and excitement. However, if you discover that your baby may have a life-threatening or life-limiting condition, the news can be devastating.

How do you cope when you feel as if your heart is going to break?

You are not alone

Intermountain Healthcare offers a free, specialized program called Angel Watch. This program is designed to help families through this time of uncertainty. A team of trained professionals offers support, information, and help in designing a plan for your family.

This plan encompasses the pregnancy, delivery, and the time immediately following your baby’s delivery. Qualified nursing and grief specialists can also make referrals to community resources or help arrange meetings with parents who have been through similar experiences. 

A small team of trained professionals provides support and guidance to you and your family through a series of visits or phone calls. These contacts help families formulate a birthing plan, offer support, and provide information unique to each situation, no matter what your decisions for your pregnancy may be. Our desire is to help you maintain hope - hope for the best possible experience now and hope for the future.