5 Staycation Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy This Spring Break

Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner. Your kids are excited for a vacation. You’re ready to have fun with your family. You might even have friends and neighbors who are jetting off to exotic destinations for the break. If you feel like your time and budget play into your ability to make an exciting spring break for your family, take heart! You don’t have to go anywhere, or even spend a lot of money to make a fun “stay”-cation for your family. Use these 5 ideas to help you plan your family fun time.

Get crafty

Pull out the glitter glue, it’s time to craft. Spend one (or more) of your free mornings to create something together with your kids. You can paint, cut, and glue your way to fun. If the weather is good, take your creations outside and try something messy like giant bubbles or shaving cream painting.

Go outside

Even if you live in a place that has cold weather during spring break, getting outside will help you improve your family’s mood and give you something fun to do. Take a bicycle ride as a family. Play a game of football. Go on a hike. Play frisbee golf. Or if the weather is still cold, build a snowman. Your kids will have the chance to work out some energy, and you’ll have fun as a family.

Movie marathon

Spring break means a lot of time together as a family. Pull out the blankets, popcorn, and your favorite movie. Whether you watch one, or three, a movie night gives your family the chance to cuddle together while laughing at your favorite show.

Take a local tour

What do you know about your city’s local attractions? Do you have museums, farmers markets, or national and state parks nearby? Pick something you’ve never seen before. Your family will love seeing your city in a new and exciting way.

Hit the pool

Just because you aren’t headed to the beach this spring break doesn’t mean you can’t hit up the local pool. Gather up the swimsuits and towels and make a day of swimming. If it’s too cold for your local swim park, try an indoor pool.

Tips for success

Just because you’re staying home for spring break doesn’t mean you can’t treat your staycation like a real vacation. Here’s a few tips to make that happen.

  • Plan it out. You’d spend time planning out any normal vacation, make sure you take the same effort and time with your family staycation too. Plan out your time to include fun things every day.
  • Treat it like a vacation. Take pictures. Stay up late. Sleep in. Whatever you’d do on vacation, make sure you implement during your staycation.
  • Limit technology. It’s tempting to use free time to play on phones, video games, and tablets. Instead of spending the whole week with you and your kids hooked to technology, set some limits. You want spring break to be about family time. If you can, plan out your work schedule to accommodate family time, and limit yourself to those hours so work doesn’t bleed into that family time.

Your spring break staycation can be just as fun as any other vacation. It just takes a little effort and planning.