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    What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag When Having a Baby

    What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag When Having a Baby

    hospital pregnancy bag
    For the baby

    1. Take home outfit - I've had a bigger and smaller baby so I'm bringing a newborn size and 0-3 month just in case.

    2. Baby mits

    3. Socks

    4. Hat (for cold weather babies)

    5. Jacket (for cold weather babies)

    6. Baby blanket

    7. Car seat - this has to be installed in the car and they’ll check that the baby is in right before you leave.

    8. Pacifiers - some babies don't like the ones from the hospital and it's always good to have extras

    9. Burp Cloths - I use cloth diapers for this.  They are so absorbent!

    10. Journal - I write about my child and their birth story while I'm at the hospital so it's fresh in my mind.  This is the beginning of a journal I start for them and write in every few months and on their birthday.

     Intermountain hospitals provide diapers, wipes, nasal aspirators, onesies (we even got a cute skier one at the Park City hospital) They also have a recommended list of items to bring with you. 

     For your spouse

    1. Extra change of clothes

    2. Reading materials

    3. Toiletries if they're staying overnight (my husband only did with the first baby ;-) )

    4. Camera and/or video camera

    5. Phone and charger

    6. Snacks

     For you

     1. Nursing bra

    2. Nursing pads - I prefer washable ones, they're so much softer!

    3. Maternity clothes to wear home - sadly you won't snap back to your pre-baby weight overnight.  In fact you'll still look about 6 months pregnant.  So make sure you bring clothes that fit you while you were pregnant.  I'm bringing a maternity shirt and a baggy pair of sweats.  I also just wear the hospital gown while I'm at the hospital.  It's just easier.

    4. Underwear for when you leave

    5. Socks or slippers, but the hospital also provides a pair

    6. Reading materials - books and magazines while you wait for the baby to come (I do an epidural) or for down time after the baby is born and they have him/her in the nursery or when they sleep.

    7. Nipple cream - if you're breastfeeding, you're going to need this! Those first few days are pretty painful. I've used Lansinoh in the past and this time I'm trying an all natural kind (it was cheaper). 

    8. Toiletries - deodorant, face wash, hair ties, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, shampoo, conditioner, you know the basics

    9. Contacts and glasses if you wear them

    10. Your journal - if you keep one to write down your thoughts and feelings

    11. Phone and charger

    12. A list of people you want to call/text/email/Facebook that your baby is here!

    13. A few snacks if there’s something specific you like, but most hospitals have a snack room.  

     The hospital will provide all the large pads you need for bleeding, towels, hospital gowns, meals, and pain medicine.

     Well this is what I'm taking!  Is there anything I'm forgetting or something you like to bring that I didn't mention?  And don't worry, it will all be ok!  Good luck!

    This blog post is from one of our great Intermountain Moms. This should not be taken or substituted for medical advice. Always check with your provider if you have questions.