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    Your emotional spring-cleaning checklist for your mental health

    Say farewell to the winter blues with these steps


    Spring will arrive in just a few weeks. That means it’s almost time to deep clean your home. In addition to shampooing your rugs and washing your windows, you may want to consider decluttering your mental health. Samantha Koehn, a licensed clinical social worker at St. Mary’s Regional Hospital, shares a spring-cleaning checklist to give your wellbeing a total refresh.

    “We were not created to receive information 24/7, but because of technology, we are constantly getting bombarded with information," says Samantha. "However, it is within your control to turn off your television or set your phone to do not disturb. Make it difficult to access work emails outside of work hours and remove apps or news feeds that you may mind-numbingly scroll through.”

    Acknowledge the ‘hard’ you’ve been through

    As humans, we tend to minimize or ignore the difficulty we experience. Reflect on what you’ve experienced over the winter and allow yourself acceptance and grace.

    Prioritize self-compassion

    Acknowledge that you are human, you need rest, and you make mistakes. Give yourself the same level of compassion and understanding that you extend to other people.

    Celebrate the little wins

    Create a culture of gratitude for yourself. Let’s face it, some days really stink. It’s the little moments and successes that pull us through.

    Focus on your locus of control

    There are so many things in our lives that cause distress that are out of our control. What we can control are our thoughts, emotions, and our responses.

    Learn your window of tolerance

    Your window of tolerance is your ability to juggle demands and stress. Be realistic about what you can say yes to - and when you need to say no – to ensure you aren’t taking on too much.

    Invest in your support network

    Connect with and prioritize people in your life who rejuvenate you. Take a few minutes to scroll through your phone and call that person you’ve been thinking about, send a text message of appreciation, or schedule a date with your friends or spouse. 


    Your emotional spring-cleaning checklist for your mental health